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═►In A Nutshell◄═

:bulletblue: Alice is a vampire girl who is pretending to be a human boy.

:bulletblack: Alice is forever 17 years old.

:bulletblue: It hasn't even been a year yet since her turning.

:bulletblack: Alice posesses super strength, super speed, sensitive hearing, sensitive smell, regeneration/fast healing, nightvision, the ability to remain underwater for long amounts of time, and the ability to jump higher than any human.

:bulletblue: Alice is weak against fire, silver, the smell of garlic, running water (oceans, lakes, rivers, water streaming down the street, etc. Does not include rain or showers), and the sun.

:bulletblack: Alice has a ring to protect her from the sun to the point where she does not burst into flames, but it still irritates her.

:bulletblue: Alice has a severe phobia of wolves, even in movies. The only time she is unaffected is when they are being verbally spoken about and if they are mentioned in a book or writing. Pictures irk her slightly.

:bulletblack: Alice feeds on wild game (deer, bears, etc.) rather than humans.

:bulletblue: Alice has to be verbally invited into a human's home in order for her to enter.

:bulletblack: Alice has a reflection, but it's faded.

:bulletblue: Alice can breathe, but doesn't need to aside from speaking.

:bulletblack: Alice's heart does beat, but rather slowly. It is difficult to detect.

:bulletblue: Most of Alice's organs are shut down. They only kick in if being used (ex: stomach when consuming food or blood, lungs when using air to speak, etc.), but shut down otherwise. The uteris is probably the only organ that never works.

:bulletblack: Alice lives with a Mortician that cared for her when she was "dead". He poses as "Eric's" father.

:bulletblue: Alice is telekinetic. This ability only awakened after her turning, however it is believed she may have always had this. She just didn't know it.

:bulletblack: Alice has a part-time job at Starbucks (as Eric).

((For more detailed information, look under the bio~ Thanks~))



((Ask to be added and I'll see what I can do~ Also, if I put you up here and you don't want to be, just ask.))

♫I'd Spend An Eternity With You♫
Love Interest
No one, yet~

♫Related By Blood Or Not, You Are My Family♫
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♫I'd Do Anything To Protect You♫
Close Friends
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♫You're Not Afraid of Me?♫
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♫Don't Be Frightened. I Won't Harm You♫
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♫I Won't Hesitate To Strike You Down!♫
Enemies/People She Really Dislikes/Who Dislike Her
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ALiCERiC has started a donation pool!
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♫Single Character♫

Sketches (Pencil or Digital) $5 (50 pts)
Lineart (Pen or Digital) $10 (100 pts)
Flat Colors w/out Background (Traditional or Digital) $15 (150 pts)
w/ Background +$2
Shaded Color w/out Background (Traditional or Digital) $20 (200 pts)
w/ Background +$2
Extra Characters +$1 (10 pts) for each character to any option above
Knees-Up/Full Body +$2 (20 pts)


One-Shot 50 pts
Multi-Shot 100 pts (+50 points for every chapter over five)

M-Rated +20 pts

((Stories can be about anything, really. There are exceptions, which are the same as my no-nos on Alice's bio. Other than that, I'll write anything, whether it's a fanfiction or simple plot or whatever, if that makes sense))

═►How To Purchase◄═


Fill out this form if you wish to make a request and send me a note. It makes it easier for me to organize and get all of the information I need in one go.

Name: (Just a first name will be okay.)
Request: (Description/Picture reference of character(s))
Type: (Sketch, Lineart, etc. Also inform me if you want it to specifically be a Bust, Waist-Up, or Knees-Up/Full Body. Otherwise, I'll just either choose it to be Bust or Waist-Up, depending.)
Total: (The bill/how much money your request costs according to the above list)
Means Of Payment: (How will you be paying me?)
Contact(s): (How I can contact you. Just your dA name will be okay.)
Can I Post This Picture/Story Up On This Site?: (Yes or No)


1. Fill out the above form. If you want to make multiple requests, fill out the form for each individual one.
2. Send the filled out form(s) in a note.
3. Wait for confirmation. I will reply back to say that I got your request.
4. When I finish said request, I will note you a sample version.
5. You can then send me payment via PayPal or Mail Order. My e-mail is If you are paying with points, then just donate to this or send it to me.
6. Once I confirm that you have paid, you will recieve the official file via note.
7. Enjoy at your own leisure.


1. Joseph Bradish (Friend from school)
    - Metallica Anime-fied
    - Shaded Color w/ Background $25
    :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: 0% Not Paid/On Hold
2. xXShivaChanXx
    - A scene from a HetaOni roleplay between Italy and her OC, Oregon
    - Shaded Color w/ Background Full Body $25
    :star::star::star::star::star: 100% Paid
3. FranceyPantsLOL
    - An annoyed Germany working on a cuckoo clock while the BTT (Bad Touch Trio) are making
    funny faces at him from behind.
    - Shaded Color w/ Background Knees-Up $27
    :star::star::star::star::star: 100% Paid
4. xXShivaChanXx
    - Arthur Kirkland vs. Slenderman w/ Kayla
    - Shaded Color w/ Background Knees-Up/Full Body $26
    :star::star::star::star::star: 100% Paid

Have any questions? Just ask. I don't bite, I swear. XD
So, um.... spread the word, too, while your at it! Please? 8D;; Thanks.

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"I wonder… who my master will be?"

Standing patiently in her assigned wooden crate, a young girl listened to the gentle rocking of the box around her and felt the vibration of the wheels that carted her towards the building. It was a much nicer feeling than the drive over here; not as many disrupting bumps and turns. She paid no mind to those thoughts for she was quickly captured by another. Who would be her master? Would it be a business man? Or perhaps a single mother of three? A college student? The possibilities were endless! How exciting this was for her! She may have been the one of last to be bought in the store, but that did not matter now. She had a home now. 

Her thoughts were then disrupted when the cart suddenly stopped, followed by the sound of knocking upon a door. She couldn't see outside her crate, but she could tell that she was there. She made sure she was in the correct posture that she was instructed to present, now waiting for the box to be opened. Soon, the door opened and some chit-chat was exchanged between the delivery man and the resident before the box was rolled in. With a careful movement, the delivery man shifted the crate off the wheels that carried it onto the floor and, after a brief exchange of words, the man left, leaving the awaiting customer with his/her special gift.

The young woman listened to the movements of the other, hearing them exit and then return, only to smack something into the crate. It must have been a crowbar. Creeaaak. CreeAAAkk—SNAP! The front wall of the box fell open and rattled on the floor, revealing its contents.

Automatically, she gave a smile and cautiously exited the crate, revealing her to be a young-looking girl of around 16 or 17 with pale white skin, short, raven black hair, and shimmering blue eyes, and wearing nothing but a pair of white undergarments. She shifted her attention to her releaser and spoke in a sweet tone.

"Hello. I'm a third generation AX400 android. I can look after your house, do the cooking, mind the kids. I organize your appointments. I speak 400 languages and I'm entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner. No need to feed me or recharge me. I am equipped with a quantum battery that makes me function for 173 years."

As if reading from a book, she strung out this whole introduction of herself, explaining everything that her new owner truly needed to know. Once she finished, she gave a pause, examining the other's expression before continuing.

"My default name is Alice, but if you would like for me to possess a different name, just say the word. Okay?"


((Yay~ Another RP Journal! > u < This was inspired by this video. I really wanted to rp this, man. I hope the starter's alright~))


ALiCERiC's Profile Picture
Alice Roseheart
United States
((This is a roleplay account for my OC, Alice Roseheart. I made her some years ago and have decided to finally make an account for her. This is mainly to help me work with her character and figure out how she should be played.
She is also the main character in a manga I am planning to make called ALiCERiC. I know, it's dumb, but I'm bad with titles and this one seemed to make sense.
As time goes on, I might even start putting pages up on here, but for now this is just a roleplay account. So have fun!~
She can interact with any character, really, even if their from a fandom (since she really is my OWN and not a Fan Character). So don't feel like you shouldn't talk to me because of that. XD;; ))

═►Basic Info◄═

Name: Alice Roseheart
Alias: Eric White
Age: 17 Years (Forever)
Birthday: April 1st
Height: 5’5”
Weight: N/A (Light-Weight, approximately)
Gender: Female (Pretends to be Male)
Race: Vampire (Pretends to be Human)

═►Character Information◄═

♫Fun Facts♫

There are two here because Alice plays her “Eric” persona rather differently than her regular self, so I thought it would make more sense to organize them like this.

:bulletblue: She is rather nice and sweet to people she meets. Even if they appear rough around the edges, she’ll keep at it.

:bulletblack: She can get excited rather easily. When this happens, she starts to bounce a bit in place and the volume of her voice raises a notch. You’ll have to inform her about this to get her to tone down.

:bulletblue: She has a fear of wolves. This includes werewolves, movies with wolves, etc. The only time it doesn’t bother her is when it is verbally spoken about and if it’s in a book. There is a reason to this and you’ll have to jump through a lot of hoops for her to tell you it.

:bulletblack: She has a big problem with feeding on humans. She attempted it once and she just couldn’t do it. She feels that it’s inhumane and it frightens her that she may “turn into a monster” if she does it, so she goes for animals instead. This mostly consists of wild game, such as deer and the like.

:bulletblue: She was a junior in high school when she was changed. She started the next year as a senior and as Eric.

:bulletblack: When depressed, she finds comfort underwater. She will go out, find a rock, and then let herself sink to the bottom of a pool or lake or something of the like. She prefers pools, but if there are people there or at the lake, she'll then just fill up her bathtub and lay underwater for a while. Of course, this only has been happening while she's been a vampire, not human. She's not suicidal.

:bulletblue: She wears a silver colored ring on her left middle finger, even as Eric. She has had it since she awoke the night after being turned into a vampire. She has discovered that it keeps her from burning in the sunlight, so she can move around with ease. The sunlight still bothers her, but it doesn't burn her while she has this on. She doesn't know where it came from.

:bulletblack: She lives in Salem, Massachusetts, USA. The roleplay can take place anywhere, but this is the default.

:bulletblue: She can speak French very well, considering she has taken French classes since eigth grade. She isn't fluent and she speaks it a bit slowly, but she's trying.

:bulletblack: Alice is an only child and she lived her with parents before her unfortunate event. She still visits them as Eric, just to see how they're doing without her.

:bulletblue: The night of her turning is something she doesn't like talking about. Like the wolf incident, you'll have to jump through a lot of hoops to get her to tell you what happened.

:bulletblue: He is very quiet and tends to avoid conversation, aside from teachers and staff at school, and the customers and coworkers at Starbucks, where he works as a side job.

:bulletblack: Usually, he will not care if he’s picked on. Since he really is a she, he has a small build for his age, so he has had some jabs thrown at him. However, if they physically try to do anything, like take his shirt or pants him, he will immediately stop them. He will grab his assailant’s wrist or something and leave them with a polite, yet stingingly cold warning. Depending on who he is dealing with will determine the end of that.

:bulletblue: He does very well in gym class. He may appear small, but he is light on his feet and thus does well in most activities. Particularly, futbol/soccer, track, basketball, mat ball, and dodge ball. (Then again, he/she is a vampire, so of course there would be some advantages to that)

:bulletblack: His strong suits in school are science and math subjects, particularly biology and chemistry.

:bulletblue: He is currently a senior in high school.

:bulletblack: Under his loose-fitting clothing is a chest binder that is similar to a sports bra. If someone discovers it, he will just say that he had heart surgery during the summer (though, it depends on what time of year it is and whatnot) and that he has to wear it to help him recover. Of course, the reality of the fact is that it is to compress Alice's already small breasts.

:bulletblue: To help with this Eric facade, he has a stuffed sock in his pants. Well, when wearing jeans and things of the like. If he's just wearing baggy pants or shorts, then he is more lenient about putting in the sock. In case you're wondering, the sock is stuff with more socks.

:bulletblack: Since Eric obviously can't go back to his parents, he stays with the Mortician that prepped him when he was "dead". Turns out that this sort of thing happens often and the Mortician (whose name I haven't figured out yet) had caught on shortly after getting into the business. Alice is the first to actually want to stay around and thus he offered her to stay, posing as "Eric's" father. He also helped with the persona change and story. They have everything set.

That’s it for now. Things will be added as I go along, so don’t be surprised if something suddenly shows up.


Before Being Turned

After Being Turned

♫Vampire Abilities (Headcanons)♫

Now when I say “Headcanons”, I mean these will be her default abilities based on what makes sense to me. Of course, they are subject to change either due to me doing some more thinking over them or just for the roleplay at hand.

:bulletblue: First and foremost: SHE DOES NOT SPARKLE. She is not a Twilight vampire or a faerie, damnit. Like a vampire should, she burns when in the sunlight or UV lights.

:bulletblack: Her fangs are located in the place of human canine teeth on both top and bottom. The bottom fangs only grow slightly bigger than regular, but they are still rather sharp. She also controls when they “come out”.

:bulletblue: She can survive underwater or anywhere really where there is lack of air for long amounts of time since she doesn’t need to breathe. This does not count for outer space.

:bulletblack: She does breathe, however only enough to allow her to speak. You need breath in order to do that, you know. She cannot give mouth-to-mouth or anything similar to that, unfortunately.

:bulletblue: Her heart still beats. Like the breath thing, she needs at least a little blood flowing to function as she does. It pumps rather slowly, about seven times slower than the average human heart, but it is to keep her ability to take in the nutrients she needs going. Vampires need blood to survive, so this is a way to digest it. Does that make sense?

:bulletblack: If she doesn’t intake blood in approximately three months, Alice will start to grow ill. It’s similar to a human not eating for three days. She will become paler than she usually is (which is difficult to determine) and feel colder due to the lack of intake. Once the symptoms start, she can go a little longer before starting to take to the bed and have the need to lie down constantly. She’ll feel clam-y at the touch and she will feel like throwing up, though she’ll have nothing /to/ through up. Once it gets to this point, it will be quite difficult to get her to go hunting, so if anything “food” needs to be brought to her instead. Even if it’s a little bit to get her on her feet and moving.

The thing about this is that it is not likely to happen, but it’s what /would/ happen if it were to get to this point.

:bulletblue: She can regenerate rather quickly, depending on the type of wound and what her eating status is at the time. She can even reattach limbs if she has said limb. This excludes her head, which if it’s cut off, she’ll die instantly. On the contrary, if she is shot or stabbed in the head, it will only “shut her down” for a short while, but she’ll live. Her damaged brain will regenerate while she is unconscious and the same goes for if she is stabbed or shot in the heart. The exception would be the use of silver, which would kill her.

:bulletblack: She possesses super strength and speed. Now, she isn’t Superman, but she is still rather strong, but is weaker than the average vampire due to her preference to animal blood than human blood. She can lift cars, but that really is the extent of her strength. She can also survive most building collapses due to her strength and regenerative ability. As for speed, she will appear as a blur. Sort of like Albert Wesker in RE5. That does not mean she’s invincible, just difficult to hit.

Of course, this is Alice we are talking about and no one really has to worry about being attacked by her. She tends to use her abilities to do chores around the house and fight monsters at night. It’s still good to know, however.

:bulletblue: She can makes noises similar to a lion, such as growls and roars.

:bulletblack: She can see in the dark, though this excludes being able to read or distinguish small details. Her eyes sometimes glow as a result, mainly when there is absolutely no light in the area.

:bulletblue: She can track people and animals, like a dog can though preferably needs an item of theirs to do so.

:bulletblack: Crosses and Holy Water do not affect her. That is just something that the Chruch made up years ago to make them and "God" seem more powerful and able to protect the humans from the creatures. In reality, nothing happens. That's the rumor, anyway. Alice has tested this and nothing has happened so far.

:bulletblue: Garlic does not burn her, but its smell is fairly strong and has the stereotypical onion effect where it makes her eyes water and blurs her vision. That's all.

:bulletblack: Fire is a great weapon to use against her. Vampires are very sensitive to fire and will burn very easily, like paper. Alice becomes very uneasy if it is nearby.

:bulletblue: Alice does in fact have a reflection. However, it is quite faded and gradually fades bit by bit with each day she doesn't feed after about a week.

:bulletblack: Alice becomes quite ill when passing over running water. This includes being on a boat on an ocean or lake or river or even just walking over some running water streaming down the street. It makes her nausiated and her senses are knocked down a peg. She doesn't understand why this happens. All she knows is that it started happening after she was turned into a vampire. (This is something I heard about a while ago and I forget all the details about this uncommon trait, so forgive me for the vagueness. All I know is that it's not a common fact known about vampires and thus is not used as much. I don't know. XD)

Aaaaaaand I think that’s it. I’m pretty sure that I forgot some things and I’ll put them in as I remember them. For now, though, here you go! If anyone has any suggestions pertaining to this section, go ahead and ask!~

♫Versions Of Alice♫

I can roleplay different “versions” of Alice. In other words, here is a list of “AUs” for her. Make sense? 8D;;

:bulletblue: Regular!Alice
:bulletblack: Human!Alice (This alternative can go with any of the options below. She’ll have her long hair except with the Male option)
:bulletblue: Male!Alice aka Eric
:bulletblack: Yandere!Alice
:bulletblue: Child!Alice
:bulletblack: Assassin!Alice
:bulletblue: Police!Alice
:bulletblack: Ib!Alice (Has anyone played/seen this game?! I love it so much! So, as in the game, Alice will be trapped in the museum and wields a blue rose (trust me, it was not my intention to make her rose the same color as Garry’s, but it’s the color I associate with her so.. yeah))
:bulletblue: Mermaid!Alice (I have no idea. Sounds like a cute idea. She’ll have long hair in his version)
:bulletblack: Mage!Alice
:bulletblue: Nurse!Alice
:bulletblack: Mental Patient!Alice
:bulletblue: Wonderland!Alice (Because the joke has to be made sometime)
:bulletblack: HomestuckTroll!Alice (I have no idea. Sounds like fun)
:bulletblue: HomestuckKid!Alice (Same thing here)
:bulletblack: Maid!Alice
:bulletblue: Pokemon Trainer!Alice
:bulletblack: Red Riding Hood!Alice
:bulletblue: Ice Queen!Alice
:new: Enderman!Alice
:new: Photographer!Alice
:new: Photography Model!Alice (Not necessary one of those typical fashion models, but more on the... creative side, I guess? I don't know how to explain it--)
:new: Android!Alice


:bulletblue: Please, for the love of a higher power, do /NOT/ god-mode! Seriously. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Take a hit, bro!

:bulletblack: No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. Don’t know you’re one? Just tell me when/if I point it out and I’ll understand. I know that some people, especially newcomers to roleplaying, make unintentional mary-sues/gary-stus. Don’t worry. I won’t flip a table over this like I would for god-modding. In turn, if you think I may have made Alice Mary-Sue-ish, you may /politely/ tell me and/or advise how to make her better. Okay?

:bulletblue: Don’t bug me for replies. I have a life outside of the computer. Well, not really, but I have school to worry about. The majority of the time, I’m multi-tasking.

:bulletblack: Don’t be mean, please~ If I mess up on something or accidentally offended you…. or something, just inform me politely and I’ll try to correct it in any way I can.

:bulletblue: Adding on to the last rule, if you must criticize, do so politely. I accept constructive criticism and I’ll give some to you if you want.

:bulletblack: I will /NOT/ roleplay with main accounts. It's as simple as that. There are exceptions regarding those I’m very close with, but other than that, no. |D;; Sorry.

:bulletblue: Please, no one-liners or three word replies. I can understand having a one-liner once in a while if your character has to respond to one thing before being able to carry on or something like that, but don't let it be every time. I put time and effort into my replies, which tend to be a paragraph or so long. Yours doesn't need to be as long as mine, but please at least put in the effort!

:bulletblack: Do your best with grammar and spelling, please. You don't have to be perfect (we all make mistakes), but do your BEST! It's very difficult to read a post that's like "Alice runs to and thinks says 'hi'" or something like that. In cases like that, I have no idea what's happening and thus become confused and may respond incorrectly. So please, use grammar at the very least. Even you misspell every word, I'll be able to understand if it's in a proper sentence structure!

═►Roleplay Info◄═

♫What I Will Do♫

♥ Smut (Only in PMs! Also, this isn’t my favorite thing to do. I enjoy a story that leads up to sex, at the /very/ least.)
♥ Fluff
♥ Yaoi/Shonen-Ai/Homosexual Interactions/whatever you want to call it
♥ Hentai/Hetero
♥ Yuri
♥ Bondage (Have yet to try this, so why not?)
♥ Gore (I love gore stuff~ I live for horror movies, so tell me if you have any limitations if we do this)

♫What I Won’t Do♫

♣ Scat (That’s… kinda disgusting. |D;; )
♣ Vore (This is gross, too. I’ll do cannibalism to a degree, but vore is… too much. Ugh)
♣ Shota (Unless I really love you, I won’t do it. Ask after we’ve roleplayed a while, okay? I might feel more comfortable then.)
♣ Bestiality
♣ M-Preg (Kinda doesn’t make sense. Unless the character was previously a girl or something, this a no.)
♣ Rape


♦ Fantasy
♦ Horror
♦ Romance
♦ Comedy (Not crack, though)
♦ Historical (Please give me time to research. I don’t know very much about Italy’s history, so… yeah)
♦ Angst
♦ Gakuen

♫Roleplay Style♫

This is a default setting that I use, so don’t think we /have/ to roleplay exactly my way or it’s the highway. Just ask~
♠ Literate/Advanced Literate/Story Format
♠ AU unless specified otherwise
♠ PMs unless specified otherwise

I’m very open to things, so if there is something you want to do and it isn’t listed here, just ask. I could have just forgotten about it or something.

═►About Me◄═

:bulletblue: I’m about to start my second year of college in September. I will be busy, so be patient, okay?~
:bulletblack: I’m 19~
:bulletblue: I’m female, but don’t freak out! I’m not one of those girls that only do yaoi and make her character super uke. I don’t like doing that to characters unless that’s how they’re specifically designed to be. Trust me. That’s pertaining to if I play a male character.
:bulletblack: I am super shy in real life. I’m getting better at it, but I still have a difficult time being the first to start a conversation. So, if you think I added you and will let you just sit there in my friends list forever, you’re wrong. I’m actually staring at your profile trying to gather the courage to type something. ... That definitely didn’t sound stalker-ish. Not at aaaalll. (This was originally written for Facebook and I'm just now noticing that I didn't fix it. Whoops~)
:bulletblue: I apologize. A LOT. I apologize like it’s my job. Even if it’s a small thing, I’ll end up saying sorry like three times. I apologize in advance. The irony!
:bulletblack: I’m an artist~ I draw anime/manga stuff~ ouo

♫Other Accounts♫
:iconxdarksoul07x: - Main Account
:icononetrueitalian: - North Italy RP Account

I think that’s it~ I’m sure to update this on occasion (regarding headcanons and types of Alice areas), so.. yeah~

Roses belong to RunAwayCookie

None of the pictures belong to me. They belong to their respective owners. I just edited them. I will put up my original artwork later.

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